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3828013 3936793 3D textural fractal characterization and its correlation with the skid resistance of asphalt pavement
3837962 3936766 3D texture reconstruction of asphalt pavement based on MATLAB
3823877 3823877 A Method for Prediction and Maintenance Planning of Multi-lane Pavement
3821093 3935093 A multi-objective optimization model on taxiing mode selection and aircraft stands allocation for closely spaced parallel runway
3740791 3924737 A novel weigh-in-motion system for traffic loads using F-P cavity fiber optical technology
3824943 3936691 A Preliminary Approach for Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Flexible and Rigid Pavements - A Case Study
3875771 3875771 A Temperature-independent Methodology for Bitumen Modification Evaluation Based on DSR Measurement
3763560 3931834 A Thermal Digital Twin for Condition Monitoring of Asphalt Roads
3776869 3776869 Absorptance and water retention performance of novel superabsorbent polymer composites based on modified cement
3736921 3924428 An improved prediction method of voids in coarse aggregates in asphalt mixture considering the characteristic of aggregate shape
3755963 3931261 An overview of the Heat Exchanging Asphalt Layer prototype: a case study
3825388 3825388 Analysis of Compensatory Driving Behavior under Fog Weather Conditions
3753281 3920615 Analysis on the Distribution Characteristics of Climate in Jiangsu Province and Method of Pavement Temperature Design Parameters
3764462 3764462 Application of green calcium sulphoaluminate cement to prepare foamed concrete for road embankment
3823726 3823726 Application of Machine Learning to Determine the Influence of Particle Size Distribution on Stability of Bituminous Mixes
3820785 3933465 Application of one-third scale accelerated pavement testing (APT) to study the high temperature performance of China Qingchuan rock asphalt modified asphalt
3733426 3733426 Application of unmanned roller in subgrade and pavement construction
3763243 3927244 Asphalt modified by finely dispersed sidewall tire rubber with excellent low temperature performance
3765257 3936672 Asphalt pavement Unified Mechanical Potential Damage Model for Top-down Cracks and Rutting Distress
3825740 3825740 Big Data in Roads and Pavements: Insights from a bibliometric study and a critical review of recent publications
3775770 3775770 Calculation derivation and test verification of indirect tensile strength of asphalt pavement interlayers at low temperatures
3763516 3932514 Case study: Crack propagation in situ vs. service life prediction
3762881 3921935 Characterization of aggregate packing using digital image analysis
3761518 3761518 Characterization of Asphalt binder using tack measurement
3812082 3812082 Classification of roughness for asphalt pavement resurfacing treatments based on SVM-KNN machine learning algorithm using LTPP data
3730989 3931969 Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Flexible and Rigid Pavements - A Case Study
3818783 3934715 Computer molecular dynamics simulation study on the asphalt molecular model construction based on time-of-flight mass spectrometry
3815645 3815645 Damage Fracture Characterization of Asphalt Mixtures under Freeze-thaw Cycles based on Acoustic Emission Monitoring
3825148 3918431 Damage Mechanism in Asphalt Binder Time Sweep Test from the Perspective of Failure Appearance
3823890 3823890 Development of A Tire-Pavement Friction Model Incorporating the Water Effect
3812105 3812105 Dynamic response prediction of cement concrete pavement containing multi-cracks based on BP neural network
3820781 3820781 Effect of carbon nanofibers on mechanical and microstructural properties of geopolymer based on lunar regolith simulant
3824849 3824849 Effect of Chemical Stabilization of Silty Soil on Strength and Durability Characteristics for Construction of Low Volume Roads in India
3763118 3934471 Effect of climate region on field oxidative ageing of asphalt pavements using Multiphysics modelling approaches
3756150 3930438 Effect of curing techniques on the performance of geopolymer concrete incorporating different industrial wastes
3825989 3825989 Effect of Foaming Water on the Rheological Properties of Foamed Asphalt Binder and Compactability of Stabilized RAP in Cold Recycling
3763302 3763302 Effect of Portland Pozzolanic Cement filler on Waste Mixed Plastic Modified Bituminous mix
3855309 3855309 Effect of Three-component Polyurethane Adhesive on the Interlaminar Bonding Performance of Poro-elastic Road Surface
3762888 3921938 Effect of waste jarosite on rutting and fatigue properties of asphalt mastics and mixes
3824488 3936545 Effectiveness rejuvenation in Porous asphalt from LCMS data and material properties
3875991 3875991 Effects of curing time on performances of high-viscosity modified asphalt
3764606 3764606 Effects of mineral filler on the fracture performances of asphalt mastic using binder fracture energy test
3921060 3921060 Effects of SARA fractions on low-temperature properties of crumb rubber modified binders
3746608 3746608 Energy-Based Characterization of the Fatigue Crack Density Evolution of Asphalt Binders Through Controlled-Stress Fatigue Testing
3824590 3919516 Equivalence Testing of iCCL and BBR Low-Temperature Continuous Grade
3824014 3824014 Evaluating the driving safety of highway based on the differential water film analysis
3870124 3870124 Evaluation of asphalt binder anti-aging performance based on rheological and chemical properties
3847621 3847621 Evaluation of low temperature performance of oil modified asphalt using the glass transition temperature
3934732 3934732 Evaluation of rutting performance of high modulus asphalt mixture based on the modulus index
3825105 3825105 Evolution rule of dynamic response of asphalt pavement under lateral movement test by MLS66
3734044 3917216 Experimental analysis of piezoelectric transducers applications for energy harvesting pavement
3880947 3880947 Experimental study on basic properties of basalt fiber reinforced concrete
3825156 3825156 Exploration on OT test analysis for Anti-Cracking Ultra-Thin layer mixes
3936981 3936981 Exploration on Overlay tester test analysis for Anti-Cracking Ultra-Thin layer mixes
3763245 3927257 Fatigue models for airfield concrete pavement: review and discussion
3898597 3898597 Field assessment of rigid pavement stabilization using cementitious grout: case study
3818785 3818785 Field Evaluations of Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Gauges as Alternates to Destructive Coring for Airport Asphalt Density Testing
3824397 3936990 Implementation of Engineering Procurement Construction Contracting in Civil Aviation Infrastructure Pilot Projects Practice in China
3762889 3762889 Implementation of EPC Contracting in Civil Aviation Infrastructure Pilot Projects Practice in China
3760798 3760798 Influence of reaction time on interaction mechanism of rejuvenator composed by crumb rubber and waste cooking oil
3934458 3934458 Influence of red mud filler on the fatigue behaviour of bituminous mastic
3925275 3925275 Influence of the Characteristics of the Aggregate on the Fatigue Performance of the Epoxy Asphalt Mixture
3823692 3932962 Investigating Vibration Characteristics at Concrete Pavement Joints using Distributed Optical Fiber Sensors
3762890 3926511 Investigation of fog seal with waterborne thermosetting materials in airport pavement
3760806 3921964 Investigation of interfacial behavior between rubberized asphalt and ag-gregate based on molecular dynamics simulation
3763055 3917119 Investigation on Bulk Material Compaction and Mixing via Real-Time Sensing Technology
3756681 3919804 Investigation on Influencing Factors of Moisture Susceptibility of Warm Mix Asphalt Based on Surface Free Energy
3828616 3928228 Investigation on the compatibility between potholes patching material and steel bridge deck pavement
3763122 3763122 Investigation on the temperature field distribution of porous asphalt mixture heated by microwave
3817750 3817750 Laboratory performance assessment of low temperature asphalt mixtures with high recycled materials contents
3750217 3922838 Lightweight Design for Smart Precast Concrete Pavement Based on Topology Optimization Method
3871161 3930479 Low-temperature performance test method and improvement measures of emulsified asphalt cold recycling mixture
3823943 3932698 Measurement, modeling and validation of skid resistance of asphalt concrete pavement: Laboratory to field literature review
3824261 3824261 Method for reducing RAP agglomeration and variability, increasing RAP content: fine separation
3763044 3919529 Micro Recovery, Aging, and Performance Grading of Emulsified Asphalt Using UPTiM
3826183 3826183 Microscale morphology observation of bitumen: A comparison of atomic force and confocal laser scanning microscopy.
3762885 3921937 Microstructural and rheological analysis of crumb rubber modified bitumen
3825941 3825941 Microstructure and Modelling of Waterborne Epoxy Resin Modified Bitumen Emulsion
3819773 3819773 Mix design of base course of high ratio content iron tailings sand recycled mixture
3821838 3821838 Modeling and characterizing the mesomechanical behavior of asphalt mixture with random aggregate distribution: a coupled topological-numerical method
3763557 3763557 Modelling Inconsistency in Lateral Placement of Heterogeneous Traffic on Urban Streets using Neural Computing
3825795 3936057 Moisture Susceptibility Evaluation of RAP Based Foamed Bituminous Mix
3825878 3825878 Monitoring-based Maintenance Decision-making Models for Subgrade Settlement
3762816 3921274 Non-linear modeling of the influence of rest period on healing behavior of asphalt concrete mixtures
3795121 3795121 Numerical modeling of asphalt mixture in IDT fatigue test using viscoelastic fatigue damage model combined with heterogeneous FEM
3908110 3908110 Numerical Modelling of Fatigue Cracking in Asphalt Mixture Using Cohesive Elements
3822518 3934475 Optimizing Location of Emergency Vehicles using Real-time traffic information from Application Programming Interface (API) Data
3925116 3925116 Passing rate difference analysis on dense and stone matrix gradations of asphalt mixtures
3762931 3916832 Pavement coding method providing high-precision positioning for vehicles
3750031 3924263 Pavement Roughness Level Classification based on Logistic and Decision Tree Machine Learnings
3770480 3935294 Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt Modified with Recycled Waste Plastics
3825492 3934718 Polymer Degradation Mechanism and Chemical Composition Relationship During Thermal Aging of Hot-poured Asphaltic Crack Repair Material (HACRM) Exploiting Fluorescence Microscopy and Gel Permeation Chromatography
3740447 3740447 Predicting the Pavement Performance: A Comparison on Traditional and Multivariate Time Series Model
3825054 3933156 Preliminary field and laboratory investigation on the use of Non-Contact Digital Ski sensor as pavement-smoothing technology in the South Korea expressway network
3762319 3920327 Preparation and performance of hydrophobic coating for the tunnel with photocatalytic NO-degrading function
3826198 3826198 Preparation and Properties of Rock Asphalt Modified Polyurethane Cold Mix Asphalt Material
3826325 3826325 Properties and applicability of pervious concrete for paving flags
3908649 3935559 Random Forest Modeling of Asphalt Pavement Overlay Performance
3828135 3828135 Recycling of Waste Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Power as Alternative Filler for Asphalt Mastics
3760065 3935023 Reduction of Accumulated Plastic Deformations in Bases Courses
3763520 3763520 Reliability analysis of asphalt mixture and pavement based on MC method
3763832 3763832 Research on Diffusion Process of New and Old Asphalt Based on SEM
3819901 3819901 Research on freeze-thaw fatigue of asphalt mixture based on ADE theory
3791372 3791372 Research on ice interfacial and mechanical behavior of ski jumping inruns
3825163 3825163 Research on information management of Airport pavement quality based on BIM and GIS integration
3824414 3824414 Research on load effect based on bridge pavement repairing of the old bridge
3818027 3818027 Research on morphological characteristics of coarse aggregates based on image processing
3824094 3824094 Research on prediction model of asphalt pavement subsidence development based on Back Propagation Neural Network
3822875 3822875 Research on shrinkage control technology of lightweight ultra-high performance concrete
3824396 3936994 Research on Strength and Microstructure of Fibre Foamed Concrete
3745791 3745791 Research on the trackside concrete reinforcement scheme of small radius curve at junction section of modern tram
3732134 3732134 Resource recycling of the industrial solid waste in electromagnetic induction pavement
3762976 3925645 Rheological and Chemical Properties of Bitumen during Hot in-Place Recycling
3826020 3826020 Rheological behavior of asphalt binder based on time-temperature superposition principle: a molecular dynamics simulation study
3825025 3825025 Rheological properties, microstructure and aging resistance of asphalt modified with CNTs/PE composites
3763237 3927221 Rutting Depth Prediction Model of Airfield Composite Pavement
3762374 3762374 Simple Evaluation of NOx Degradation by Nano-TiO2 Coatings on Road Pavements under Natural Light
3749715 3749715 Study on blending degree of virgin and aged asphalt in hot recycled mixture based on aggregates surface properties
3824840 3824840 Study on Comprehensive Evaluation of Pavement Condition based on Comprehensive Integration Weighting Method and Cloud Model
3858066 3858066 Study on decay behavior of Asphalt Pavement Slip Resistance Performance
3825023 3825023 Study on Intelligent Monitoring System for Long Term Performance of Road Engineering and New Monitoring and Sensing Technology
3732144 3732144 Study on mechanical properties of in situ granulated recycled cement stabilized macadam for cement concrete pavement
3824958 3824958 Study on nonlinear behavior of soil-cement based on CTS model
3823678 3823678 Study on Performance of Reclaimed Rubber Modified Asphalt by Lubricant By-products
3855738 3855738 Study on the effects of mixture composition on asphalt pavement surface texture characteristics
3849628 3849628 Study on the influence of coarse aggregate blends of different sizes and proportions on the homogeneity of asphalt mixtures
3763646 3763646 Study on the Influence of Red Mud on the Durability of Asphalt Mixture and its Modification
3763188 3932916 Study on the Instantaneous Healing Characteristic of Asphalt under Cyclic Loading
3762842 3930442 Study on the Performance of the Physical Foaming Warm-mix Recycled Asphalt Mixture
3827791 3827791 Study on the Seasonal Variation and deterioration Behavior of the Skid Resistance Performance of Asphalt Pavement
3822850 3936333 Taxiing Aircraft Monitoring through Pavement Vibration Sensing
3818784 3818784 The Benefit of Joint Heaters for Asphalt Surface Construction
3824901 3934969 The effect of emulsified rejuvenator on the workability of plant RAP mixtures
3825704 3825704 The fatigue life extension prospect of calcium alginate capsules in porous asphalt
3760327 3917332 The rheological properties of terminal blend hybrid asphalt before and after aging
3763241 3917947 The use of gyratory compaction to assess the workability of asphalt mixtures
3827685 3827685 Three-dimensional flow simulation of Open Graded Friction Course’s permeability
3818782 3818782 Towards more realistic accelerated laboratory aging of asphalt samples
3751124 3918404 Two Comprehensive Cracking Resistance Indexes of Asphalt Mixtures Using Non-notched Semi-circular Bending Tests
3876234 3876234 Use of Non-Potable Water in Pavement Construction: A Laboratory Study using Seawater
3770298 3921599 Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate in Cold Bituminous Emulsion Mix
3825541 3825541 Utilisation of Recycle Concrete Aggregate in Bituminous Paving Mixes: An Economic Evaluation
3826512 3826512 Utilization of PEG/SiO2 Phase Change Composite to Regulate Open-graded Friction Course Temperature
3922410 3922410 Utilization of RAP for the construction of CTB containing thin bituminous pavement layer and chemical stabilizer
3825525 3825525 Vehicle Load Simulator Induced Cracking in Semi-Dense Asphalt with RCA Filler
3826200 3931480 Verification of the rigid layer depth setting model based on the consistency of backcalculated subgrade modulus
3827540 3827540 Viscoelastic finite element modeling of flexible pavement patching
3772902 3932516 Water Evaporation and Curing Reaction Laws of Waterborne Epoxy Emulsified Asphalt Mixture
3762493 3917082 Wetting Deformation Characteristics of Granite Residual Soils and The Micro-mechanism
3763076 3932513 Wide spectral response titanium dioxide for degrading vehicle exhaust in asphalt pavement


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